+Exceptional quality combined with a well defined system

The NAASCO system uses a premium aluminum alloy, considered architectural grade, allowing it to maintain its integrity through adverse conditions as well as giving it a higher degree of resistance to corrosion.  The stretcher bar features a key system, which allows for adjusting tension through out the canvas, giving the ability to tighten any material with ease and precision.


Stretcher Bar Profiles


40M Profile/ 1.5”


27M Profile/ 1”


CB Profile


System Profile



  • Assemble, disassemble, and reassemble with ease

  • Variable profiles can be added to achieve any depth desired if the 40M or 27M aren’t exactly what you are looking for

  • lightweight poplar ply wood inlay (acid free)

  • Key tightening system to improve canvas tension

  • Architectural grade aluminum alloy

+Collapsible Stretcher System

  • Compatible with all of our profiles, the innovative brace system allows for easy shipping and crating. Never worry again about shipping your large scale canvases.


Gator Board/ Wood Panels


  • light weight plywood

  • dependable and durable

  • versatile surface

  • Install/ de-install with ease

  • Unwavering flat surface for perfect projections